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 About the Technology Centre:

The Technology Centre is centrally located in the Golden Triangle area, adjacent to the University of Guelph, about 40 minutes drive from Pearson International Airport, Toronto and Toronto's most distinctive CN Tower (the world's tallest free-standing structure).

This site presents a brief description of a group of four independent companies, (Guelph Chemical Laboratories Ltd., Chemisar Inc., Maxima Laboratories Inc., and Canadian Consortium of Clean Energy and Environmental Technologies Inc.), organized to serve you better in their respective areas of specialization. The companies are located on the premises of the Technology Centre Building with a full range of modern Laboratory equipment & facilities for Laboratory Services and facilities for Clean Energy and Environmental Technologies Development Programmes.

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 Description of Companies:

Established in 1978, Guelph Chemical Laboratories Ltd. specializes in environmental research and environmental services. Chemisar Laboratories was founded shortly after in 1988 and provides a wide array of analytical laboratory services in addition to research and development. Maxima Laboratories Canada Inc. is dedicated to sustainable development, which includes sustainable products such as the recently discovered non-permeable and safe tubes, named SST, for transmission of LPG, natural gas, and other gaseous fuels. The Canadian Consortium Clean Energy and Environmental Technologies Inc. has been formed for Canadian Technology Transfer in the International Market by combining the expertise of various Canadian companies and universities.

Guelph Chemical Laboratories Ltd.: Energy and Environmental Services, Research and Development

Chemisar Inc.: Research and Development

Maxima Laboratories Canada Inc.: Sustainable and International Development Projects, Research and Development

Canadian C.C.E.E.T.I.: Clean Energy and Environmental Technology Transfer


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 Comprehensive Laboratory Services:

1. GUELPH CHEMICAL LABORATORIES (established in 1978):

Energy and Environmental Services

  • Water, Wastewaters and Soils Testing by Ontario Ministry of Environment & U.S. EPA Methods
  • All Aspects of MISA Testing & Hazardous Waste Management
  • Coal, Coke & Petroleum Product Analysis using ASTM Procedures
  • Microanalytical (C,H,N,O,S) services in support of R & D in Universities, Governments and Industries
  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Air & Emissions Monitoring
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Stack Gas Testing & Characterization
  • Research & Development


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2. CHEMISAR LABORATORIES (established in 1988):

  • Compliance Assurance & Maintenance
  • Emissions Measurement and Control
  • Food and Related Products Testing
  • Research in Support of Services & Technology Development
  • Method Development and Validation
  • Click Here to View Chemisar Laboratories Home Page

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     Canadian Technology Transfer & International  Development:

    3. MAXIMA LABORATORIES (CANADA) Inc. (established in 2001):

    • Research & Development
    • Sustainable Development
    • Process Development
    • Pre-Feasiblilty Studies
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Renewable Energy
    • CO2 Emission Reduction Projects
    • Offers Special Project Support Services
    • Project Design Document for CDM Projects
    • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
    • Carbon Credits through International Development
    • Emphasis on Biomass Energy

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    (in short, Canadian CCEETI):

    • Through the collaboration of leading Canadian companies, an Environment & Energy team is assembled to transfer the Clean Energy and Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development.
    • A team of multi-disciplinary companies accomplish the project in the most efficient and economical way. Biomass power projects, municipal solid waste to energy, solid waste management, environmental impact assessment and technical training programmes are available.

    Click Here to View the Canadian C.C.E.E.T.I. Environmental News & Views

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     Research and Technology Development:

      The following are titles of some of our recent and current research and development projects:

    • Conversion of Natural Gas to Value Added Products
    • Conversion of Heavy Oil Materals & Residuals to Liquid Fuels
    • Natural Gas Storage Technology Development for Energy and the Environment
    • Development of Hydrogen Transfer Membrane Reactors and Hydrogen Production
    • Development of Technologies for NOx and SOx Abatement
    • Development of Technologies for Mitigation of Green House Gases (GHG)
    • Renewable Energy Technologies
    • Cogeneration from Biomass materials such as Bagasse and Solid Waste leading to Sustainable Development
    • Permeation Measurement & Control
    • Development and Evaluation of Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds and Condensed Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds
    • The Fischer-Tropsch Conversion of CO and Hydrogen gas mixture to High Octane Transportation Fuel by Carbon Molecular Sieve Synthesis Catalysts
    • Detailed study of the Influence of Experimental Conditions on Retention Time in Size-Exclusion Chromatography of Bitumens/Heavy Oils/Asphaltenes
    • Natural Gas Conversion to Liquid Fuels Over Solid Superacids Phase I and II
    • Development and Evaluation of Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Raw Cold Lake Pitch
    • Production of Liquid Fuels from Natural Gas
    • Development and Evaluation of Novel Catalytic Process for Gas Phase Alkylation of Methane with Olefins
    • Chemical Characterization of Rocket Propellants
    • Development of an Alternate Catalytic Route for the Conversion of Natural Gas to Gasoline Range Hydrocarbons
    • Study of Oxidative Coupling of Methane in a Novel Reactor System
    • Development of an Alternative Catalytic Route for the Conversion of natural Gas to Gasoline Range Hydrocarbons
    • An Economically Viable and Environmentally Friendly, NOx Control Technology for Natural Gas Burners
    • Development of an Economically Viable and Environmentally Safe Novel Technology for Production of Hydrogen and Syngas from Natural Gas
    • Major Ions in Uranium Tailings
    • Development of Analytical Methods for Determination of Residual Polyacrylamide in Coal and Oil Process Waters
    • Development of Economically Viable Catalysts for Production in situ Hythane from Natural Gas
    • Emission Measurement of Mercury at Montenay Incinerator
    • A Survey of Solvent Inhalation Exposure in Ontario
    • Development of Adsorbent Material and Technology for Adsorption of Natural Gas for Use as a Fuel in Transport Sector and in Domestic/Non-Domestic Sector
    • See Patents Granted

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     Products and Technologies of our R & D:

    1. Sustainable & Safe, Non-permeable Tube for Supplying Gaseous Fuels    Learn More! 

    2.  Impervious, chemically stable Tubing for Beverage Industry

    3.  Absorbed Natural Gas (NG) Technology for Supplying NG to burners in domestic and non-domestic applications

    4.  Production of Hydrogen from Natural Gas

    5.  NOx and SOx Reduction Technologies

    6.  Mitigation of CO2 Technologies

    7.  Biomass Conversion to Liquid Fuels    Learn More! 

    8.  ...and many more


    1. Non-permeable Tubing for LP Gas Burners and Kitchen Stoves

      Applications include:
    a. Completely safe
    b. Non-permeable (no leaks)
    c. Layered tube, strong and durable
    d. Resistant to weather conditions
    e. Longer service life
    f. Stands high pressure
        (400 psi without wire & 725 psi with wire)

    For more information, please see Sustainable and Safe LPG Tubes Brochure Here.

    Sustainable and Safe Tubing for Transmission of Gaseous Fuels

    - Patents Pending -

    7. Pilot Plant for Biomass Conversion to Liquid and Gaseous Fuels

    • Our current research project is focused on the development of alternative fuels from biomass sources with the use of gasification technology. The latest state-of-the-art gasifier apparatus has been constructed on-site.

    Pilot Plant Gasifier for Biomass Conversion into Liquid and Gaseous Fuels

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     Patents Granted and Pending:


    : 23 (Granted)

    : 1 (Pending)
    : 1 (Pending)
    : 1 (Pending)
    : 1 (Pending)
    : 1 (Pending)

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    The research component of our laboratories provides the analytical group with enhanced capabilities in understanding the chemicals and process chemistry at work. These analytical capabilities are nowhere more evident than in international conferences where our laboratories received the "Award in Germany for the Best Research Paper", entitled "PY/GC of Energetic Materials."

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     Our Clients:

    Under centralized management, and with over 30 years of experience, our companies, (Guelph Chemical Laboratories Ltd., Chemisar Inc., Maxima Laboratories Canada Inc., and Canadian Consortium of Clean Energy and Envrionmental Technologies Inc.), have the resources, capabilities, and expertise to respond to the needs of our clients.

    "We welcome the opportunity in the many ways that our companies can be of service to Industries, Governments and other Institutions."

    Dr. R.N. Pandey
    B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Queen's)

    Our clients include the Government of Canada, many industries, both nationally and internationally, and most Canadian universities for services and some from the United States. Please see our clients under Guelph Chemical Laboratories Ltd. Here and Chemisar Inc. Here.

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    Management & Analytical Chemist Positions

    Individuals with background in analytical chemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering, engineering, and computer science with diploma(s) from Community College or university graduates with a B.Sc, M.Sc, or Ph.D degree are requested to apply in confidence with their resume to Dr. R. N. Pandey at

    Research Fellowships

    Canada's National Research Council-assisted Research Fellowships are also available in the area of Research and Development, in which our laboratories have significant interest and expertise such as Energy, Environment, and Method Development and Validation in pharmaceutical chemistry.

    Business development officers with interest and enthusiasm for science and technology leading to technology sales and marketing are also encouraged to apply. Resumes can be sent in confidence to Dr. R. N. Pandey at

    University Science Students (Including Co-op Placements)

    Are you a University Science Student in your 2nd year or up? Each year, our laboratories hire science and co-op students to assist senior scientists at Ph.D. level. In the past number of years, students from our laboratories have continued to be very successful in their professional careers. Students with a minimum of a B+ average, preferably in chemistry and chemical engineering, are encouraged to send their resume with transcript to Dr. R. N. Pandey at


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     Contact Us:

    Head office


    24 Corporate Court
    Guelph, Ontario
    N1G 5G5



    From Pearson International Airport to the Technology Centre

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    Direct to Dr. R. N. Pandey: OR

    Business office


    33 Harbour Square
    Suite 2212
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5J 2G2



    Canadian CCEETI Location

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    Phone: 416-504-2552
    Toll Free: 1-800-661-CHEM
    Fax: 519-836-3273


    Our Business Office is located near internationally known CN Tower:

    Thank you for visiting our site.

    For Laboratory services, please choose the specialization and contact us at the above address.

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