Guelph Chemical Laboratories Ltd.   Technology Centre Building
  24 Corporate Court
  Guelph ON, N1G 5G5
  Reflecting a great laboratory's commitment to "The Environment, Energy & Research"

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All key personnel involved in analysis possess University degrees. As a miniumum, supervisors of analytical work and research have many years of experience in analytical chemistry with Ph.D. degrees and strong problem solving capabilities. The senior scientific staff is supported by experienced technicians and technologists.

  About QA/QC

Analytical integrity is maintained through analysis of QA/QC check samples. Blank samples are analyzed at no charge to clients. Spiked and replicate analyses are performed to measure precision and accuracy. Inter-laboratory and Intra-laboratory QA/QC are also carried out. SOP is provided. Instrument calibrations and Method validations are performed to ensure accuracy. Approved EPA and NIST standards are used in instrumental calibrations. Millipore ultra purity water is used in the preparation of solution for analysis. Analytical grade acids and reagents meeting the specifications are used.

  Approved Laboratory

GCL follows NIOSH, MOL, MOE & EPA approved method. Our company is also a member of The Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) and enters into proficiency testing for various parameters which includes inorganics and organics. Our results and reports have been accepted by:  

  • Industrial Accident and Prevention Association
  • Consumer and Corporate Affairs

  • Workers Compensation Board
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Environment Canada
  • Other regulatory authorities
    GCL enters into CALA proficiency testing program twice a year and its sister company, CHEMISAR is HEALTH CANADA licensed with Food & Drugs Act & Regulation.